Botticelli Ceramics was born in 2017 when its founder, Marc Armitano Domingo, applied his love for Baroque music into the art of ceramic making. Marc’s passion for Baroque music had led him to study Historical Performance on Viola da Gamba where he learned about Baroque and Renaissance art, especially ornamentation. In Baroque music, pieces are usually left quite bare and it is up to the performer to add expressions, graces, trills, and other agréments. In this style, Marc uses simple forms by including appliqués, etchings, and other decorating modes to enact variety and beauty into his whimsical handmade pieces. 

Since its beginning, Botticelli Ceramics has grown into a flourishing business, attracting customers from all around the world. In addition, Marc has brought on his best friend from childhood, Caroline Moley, to assist in running logistics. Caroline, who is also from Northern California, studied English at Georgetown University and quickly fell in love with Marc’s work and the way it seemed to articulate historical approaches with a Marc-Esque twist. The two best friends have teamed up to utilize both of their skill sets to advance Botticelli Ceramics and forge an array of original projects that reach new customers and artists both internationally and domestically.

With Marc’s artistry and Caroline’s business mind, Botticelli Ceramics’ future beams bright with excitement and utter potential. The two best friends look forward to bringing customers Marc’s one of a kind handmade treasures by elevating seemingly everyday items and allowing the past to seep into the present.